Angelfall by Susan Ee [Non-Spoilers Review]

Title: Angelfall (Penryn & The End of the Days 1)

Author(s): Susan Ee

Pages count: 288 pages

Publisher: Skyscape


Rating: 4 stars

A digital copy of this book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was very iffy about this book before I started it mainly because of the cover. It isn’t very appealing to me and it looks a bit cheap. (Yes, I’m guilty of judging books by their cover) I was also unsure of angels. I love angel mythology but, before reading this book, I had not read a book that did the angel thing right. Every single book I’ve read about angels lacked action and portrayed them as perfect, sinless creatures. Susan Ee explored angels in a different way; not as ‘angelic’ beings but as merciless, superior ones. It was interesting how Susan’s angels thought of humans the same way we think about insects; they are superior and we are meaningless to them.

I kept my expectations low because I didn’t want to be disappointed and it surprised me. It was kind of slow sometimes but I thoroughly enjoyed all the action, the angels, Penryn, and the great atmosphere Susan set throughout the whole book.

Synopsis taken off GoodReads:

It’s been six weeks since the angels of the apocalypse destroyed the world as we know it. Only pockets of humanity remain.

Savage street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night.

When angels fly away with a helpless girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back…

The romance in this book was not the main attraction and I appreciated that. In fact, there isn’t much romance but I can see the next two books being very heavy on eyes-rolling romance. I do hope I’m wrong! Penryn was a strong lead character but I found myself wanting to slap some sense into her at times. She cared too much about her family and that’d be a good thing if it wasn’t the end of the world! Penryn’s mom is one of my favorite characters ever though. She was crazy but hilarious in her madness. She’s DARK (painting abandoned corpses?) but I do tend to find dark things funny. I’m a little fucked-up with my humor! The only thing that didn’t really make sense to me is how Penryn’s mom seemed to magically find Penryn everywhere. She was everywhere her daughter went to.

Susan Ee portrayed one of the most realistic end of the world’s aftermath I’ve ever read. Again, it was very dark and raw, and that’s what made it realistic. The world-building was also great. Susan dropped us in the middle of a dangerous, abandoned city to find a girl who’s trying to keep her family and herself alive.

The plot twist at the end was very unexpected. What was done to Paige, Penryn’s sister, is something I would never have thought of. That basement was truly terrifying! What about the wings deal at the end? UGH I can’t wait to start the next book!

While I don’t think it’s as good as a lot of people make it seem, I really really enjoyed it and I’m definitely continuing with the series. If you like angels, dark novels, fucked-up deaths, action-packed adventures, and conspiracy this is your book! Go read it and tell me what you thought of it!

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10 thoughts on “Angelfall by Susan Ee [Non-Spoilers Review]

  1. The cover put me off, too. It could have been better. However, the book is also on my to read list. I have the first two and will probably wait until the third book is released to get started on them.

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  2. I’m glad you enjoyed Angelfall! That basement scene and what happened to Paige gave me nightmares haha I couldn’t read that scene in one sitting but I totally wanted to because the action was so good. Great review! Can’t wait to see what you think of the other books

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