Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo [Non-Spoilers Review]

Title: Shadow and Bone

Author(s): Leigh Bardugo

Publisher: Indigo (Orion Children’s)

ISBN: 1780622260

Rating: 4 stars

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Shadow and Bone is thrilling and amazingly well-crafted but also heart-wrenching and emotional at times. It’s definitely a book worth reading! I started this book a long time ago; it took me a couple of months to finish it and another couple of months to write this review. I read the first half of it very slowly, almost without making any progress at all. These last few months have not been easy and I wasn’t in a good state of mind to read or do anything other than nothing at all. I decided to put it down for a while and pick it up when I was better right where I stopped reading to fall in love with it right away.

At the beginning it can be a little confusing since there’s a lot of world building and a lot of new exclusive vocabulary to learn. You do get used to it and once you get the grip of it you’ll be sucked into a world that will surprise you with every turn. In fact, the world building was one of the things that capture my interest; it was excellently executed! There is a point when all the info the author’s thrown at you comes together to create a well-elaborated world that will keep you intrigued until the very end.

I gave Shadow and Bone 4 stars not because it doesn’t deserve the 5 stars but because the story has so much to potential I feel like I should save the 5 stars for later on in the series.

The characters were very likable, especially The Darkling. He is a character that intrigues me so much and I can’t wait to know more about him and his story. What about a book all about him?! I think I need it in my life!

The love story between Alina and Mal was entertaining. It didn’t fully satisfy me but there’s a lot more of the series to go so perhaps it will evolve into what I want it to evolve!

If I had to choose a term to describe the book I’d definitely choose PLOT TWIST because OH MAN. OH MAN. I feel like the whole book is just one huge plot twist. It had me screaming half the time and rolling around in my room… Literally.

If you’re questioning whether you should read S&B or not, I will decide for you. DO IT. GO AND GET IT RIGHT NOW.

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